A Vision for Tucson

I’m Randi Dorman.

I’m a mom,
I’m a businesswoman,
I’m the Chairwoman of the Downtown Tucson Partnership, and
I am pleased to announce…

I am running to be the next Mayor of Tucson.

Nearly two decades ago I made the life-changing decision to leave a successful career in New York City to join my husband in downtown Tucson. I fell in love with the natural beauty, the culture and especially the people of Tucson and knew that this was the right place to settle and start a family.

In 2002 we and our partners found an old ice factory on the edge of downtown and converted it into Tucson’s first residential loft development. People told us we were crazy, that no one would live downtown. But we could see it so clearly.

And at the end, we saw our vision become reality

Giving a piece of Tucson’s rich history new life for the next generation. That philosophy has guided me in everything I’ve done in business, downtown and the arts.

Just like our vision for the ice factory, we must work together to create a vision for Tucson. A vision that includes jobs that provide Tucsonans with the opportunities we all need; that encourages our children to stay and raise their families, that empowers small businesses to grow and new businesses to come here so that we can build the vibrant, thriving economy we deserve and a better quality of life.

It won’t be easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. But “good enough” is no longer good enough.