A 21st Century Tucson

I’m running for Mayor of Tucson because I have a vision of Tucson as a thriving 21st century city where we create opportunities for our kids and their kids too. Together we can make this happen by focusing on these key issues:

Economic Development: Creating better job opportunities at all levels will lift many Tucsonans out of poverty and give us the resources needed to invest back into communities. This starts with supporting the businesses and startups that are here and promoting our unique sectors like Aerospace, Health & Wellness, and Creative Industries.The businesses that are going to move Tucson forward are already here – we just need to nurture them to grow.

Livability: We need to keep and attract talented people and businesses to grow our economy. To do that, we must reinvest in better parks, roads, education and public safety to improve our quality of life.

Smart Growth Initiatives: We need to balance the City’s growth with maintaining our culture and character. Creating density in the core and along the corridors is one of the best ways to create an efficient 21st century city. We also need to balance development with preserving neighborhoods, a sense of place, culture and open space.

Technology: Using Smart City technology will allow us to improve traffic flow without adding drive lanes and more efficiently manage assets, infrastructure and resources.

Sustainability: Nothing we do matters if we don’t preserve our precious natural resources and take aggressive action on reducing the impact of climate change. We have a vision for a Tucson that is a global leader in sustainable planning by employing green technologies and building strategies and investing is public transportation and infrastructure.

The next mayor of Tucson has an incredible opportunity to transform Tucson into a thriving 21st century city. It’s time we think differently about what is possible for Tucson, time for our community to reach higher, time to bring the vision of a better Tucson to life.

With the Democratic primary just 2 months away, my campaign is devoting the next eight weeks to expanding on our vision for a smarter, more sustainable and more compassionate Tucson. If you share our vision, consider donating $21 or more to help us spread our message for a 21st century Tucson.

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