A More Sustainable Tucson

In 2002, my husband Rob, our partners, and I found a 1920s ice factory on the edge of downtown Tucson in total disrepair. While most saw a blight to be demolished, we saw rich history and great “bones” to build on. After designing an ambitious sustainable re-development plan, we broke ground, both literally and metaphorically, by starting construction on Arizona’s first residential loft conversion: the Ice House Lofts.

Our project saved over 3000 tons of existing concrete, 1,800 tons of bricks, 5 miles of wood siding and 3,600 feet of piping. And more importantly, we made big strides in slowing Tucson’s sprawl by encouraging a low footprint, urban lifestyle, a philosophy we continued with numerous green re-developments around the downtown area including our net-zero office in an old auto repair shop.

By walking the walk on green living, I understand which actions will have a dramatic and meaningful impact on reversing Tucson’s contribution to global warming and protect our precious desert ecosystem. My plan includes:

Smart Growth: Promote infill and density in the core and along the corridors. This will use less energy and water, while allowing residents to walk and bike to where they live, work and play

Accessible Sustainability: Work with Tucson Water to create an income-based sliding scale for rainwater harvesting so all Tucsonans can live sustainably.

Reimagining Spaces: Make it easier to repurpose old buildings, strip malls and big-box stores for new and creative uses.

Going Electric: Invest in electric car infrastructure and migrating our city and bus fleets to electric.

Improve Public Transit: Plan for an expansion of our Modern Streetcar and bus system so that we are shovel-ready when federal infrastructure funds become available. 

Plant More Trees: Expand the Mayor’s 10,000 Trees program, working with TEP and Trees for Tucson to increase access throughout the city. 

Tucson should be leading by example on climate action, not waiting around for state or federal action that may never come. As Mayor, I pledge to prioritize and advocate for smart environmental policy. Concrete action, not just words.

See my full policy positions here.

— Randi Dorman

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