Big News: AZ Daily Star Endorsement

I joined this race as a bit of an underdog, not having the built-in name recognition from a long career in politics that my opponents have. But my team of volunteers and I have worked hard to share my vision to move Tucson forward: knocking on doors, making phone calls, attending community events and spreading our message through social media. As we enter the home stretch of the campaign, it’s clear that hard work is paying off. We have all of the momentum.

And now we just learned the Arizona Daily Star has endorsed me for Mayor of Tucson!

From their opinion article:

Every candidate brings specific skills, experience and vision to recommend them in the race for mayor…one person possesses the combination we think would best serve Tucson as mayor: Randi Dorman.

Her career in business and work with nonprofit agencies — as chairwoman of the Downtown Tucson Partnership and president of the Museum of Contemporary Art — bolster her ability to see challenges from different points of view, work on difficult problems and find a way forward on issues from reducing homelessness to broadening the arts in Tucson.

A successful mayor is more concerned with accomplishment than taking credit, and it’s a job that requires leadership by aiming high but setting priorities and goals that are within the purview of local government. The Arizona Daily Star Editorial Board endorses Randi Dorman in the Democratic primary for mayor.

Read the full endorsement here

Ballots are being sent out August 2, so many Tucsonans will be making their decision on who to vote for in the next 2 weeks. Please spread the news about my endorsement, share my vision with your friends and family, and consider volunteering or donating to help us make our final case to the voters.

Thank you!

— Randi Dorman

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