Growth should benefit all Tucsonans

In 2018, Fourth Avenue businesses and residents formed the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition to find equitable agreement with the developers of a multistory apartment complex at the former home of the Flycatcher. 

What began as a story of concern over Fourth Avenue losing its identity to out-of-state developers turned into a groundbreaking Community Benefits Agreement that included rent caps and a six-figure fund to address parking, street and sidewalk improvements. This collaboration led to a win for everyone involved.

While this kind of mutual agreement between residents and developers was the first in the state, it shouldn’t be the last.

There is a delicate balance between managing growth, maintaining an area’s character and culture, and providing assistance and resources for affordable housing and people experiencing homelessness. It’s not an either/or choice if we, as a city, properly plan and take inspiration from what groups like the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition achieved.

To ensure all Tucsonans benefit from growth, my plan includes:

Improving the rezoning process to better reflect the views of affected neighborhoods.

Leveraging technology and more diverse forums to facilitate broader discussion between neighborhood groups, businesses, city government and developers to ensure all voices are heard. Consistently holding early evening, in-person meetings on workdays is not how you inclusively engage everyone.

Reimagining empty retail spaces into a variety of mixed use opportunities through creative thinking, zoning changes and incentives for small businesses. I am the only candidate experienced in turning forgotten spaces into extraordinary spaces.

Developing a more proactive vision for how to manage Tucson’s growth over the next few decades through an emphasis on creating density in the urban core and major corridors while protecting neighborhoods.

As my husband Rob and I have proven through our own sustainable real estate development projects, and what the Community Benefits Agreement showed, by working to dig roots within a community and by building wide consensus on what a neighborhood needs, we can improve the quality of life for everyone, not just a few.

Learn more about my entire plan here.

And please share our vision for a smarter Tucson.

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