Our Talent is our Strength

While attracting large businesses to our region is an important step to create more, better paying jobs, I believe supporting the talented people that are already here will go even further in powering a thriving Tucson economy.

“The most successful economic development policy is to attract and retain smart people and then get out of their way.”

Ed Glaeser, Economist

One great example is Joe O’Connell and his team at Creative Machines. They are designing and building major public arts projects all over the world from their workshop right here in Tucson.

In addition to the great jobs and tax revenue businesses like Creative Machines generate, they are serving as ambassadors for our city to the rest of the world, showcasing our unique assets and putting Tucson on the map. This goes far in continuing to attract and retain more talented people just like Joe.

I’m proud to have the support of local innovators like Joe and the endorsement of groups like the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce because they know I have the experience and ideas to elevate our local economy, create more jobs and help Tucson reach a better quality of life.

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