Tucson is Stronger as a Region

We all know the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Yet when it comes to the city and county working together, more often we act in silos instead of as partners. When you drive through Tucson you don’t tend to notice the boundaries between city and county; we think of ourselves as one, unified region. It’s time for our city government to act like one to move Tucson forward.

In my business and community leadership roles I have worked closely and productively with city, county and state leaders. As Mayor of Tucson, I will connect our region to take full advantage of the state and regional resources that are often overlooked and underutilized.

My plan for Regional Cooperation includes:

Reducing government inefficiencies through departmental collaboration. We can free up funds in the city budget by collaborating with the county to reduce redundancies in departments like Parks, Planning and Development services and possibly in the lower court system. When we do this we can reinvest those funds into quality of life initiatives like roads, parks, public safety, education and the arts.

Continuing annexation efforts to bring neighboring areas into city lines and keep state shared revenue in Tucson, using it to fund quality of life improvements, instead of letting it go to Phoenix. Only 64% of Tucson is incorporated compared to 97% of Phoenix. Keeping our money in Tucson will enable us to pay for a better quality of life here.

Developing international collaboration by spotlighting opportunities for business growth with our trade partners in Mexico and advocating for infrastructure upgrades between our regions.

Leveraging Tucson’s membership in the League of Arizona Cities and Towns to better collaborate with Mayors across the state and ensure our priorities are advocated for in the Legislature.

We can have a Tucson that works with its regional partners and creates a better quality of life for all Tucsonans. But we need a mayor who understands that regional cooperation is key to transforming Tucson into a thriving 21st century city.

Learn more about my full plan here.

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