Substance, Not Rhetoric

I was endorsed by the Arizona Daily Star because I have both a vision for Tucson and concrete ideas, not political rhetoric, to get us there. Over the past eight weeks I shared a number of detailed vision points making the case for why I should be the next mayor of Tucson. These included plans to:

Create more and better paying jobs through economic development initiatives. A plan that was endorsed by the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Take a more proactive approach to planning for Tucson’s future, balancing the character and culture of our city, affordable housing options, and smart growth that benefits all Tucsonans.

Promote stronger regional cooperation between the city, county and private sector to reduce redundancies and better work together to boost Southern Arizona as a great place to live and work.

Adopt smart city technologies so we can finally be a 21st century city and not be held back by avoidable traffic problems, poor infrastructure, lack of transportation options or continuing sprawl.

Prioritize talent attraction and retention. As Economist Ed Glaeser says: “The most successful economic development policy is to attract and retain smart people and then get out of their way.”

Make Tucson lead by example on climate action, not wait around for state or federal action that may never come, with concrete policies we can enact immediately.

I additionally published an expanded 14-page policy proposal that touches on other important issues like public safety, education and support of the arts.

With mail-in ballots now officially out, you have an important choice to make. If I haven’t convinced you yet, please email me with your concerns and give me one more chance to earn your vote.

And if you are a supporter, mail in your ballot today. Then please help me get the word out.

I know from all the positive buzz I’ve seen in the local media and out and about in the community, we can win this with one more big push from all of you. Please share this post with 3 or more of your friends, family or coworkers directly that live in the city and you think might share our vision for a 21st century Tucson. If all of my supporters did this we’d reach more than enough voters to win.

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