We Can Make It Happen Together

For those who see Tucson’s limitless potential and want to work together to strive for it. For those who seek a higher quality of life. For those who want opportunities for their families for generations to come.

Download The Policy Plan Here
Download The Policy Plan Here

Our future is at stake. We need a mayor who cares not just about the next four years, but the next 40 years and beyond. Our city will thrive when we focus on jobs and the economy, quality of life, the environment, and planning for the future.

Develop Our Economy



I believe that the businesses that are going to take Tucson to the next level are already here. They need to be nurtured so they can create good-paying jobs for all Tucsonans. We need to properly support our Economic Development department and transform it into an Economic Empowerment department that will fully support our existing small- and medium- sized businesses, collaborate with our job training programs and grow the businesses that are here.


When the city and county act like silos, we all lose. We need to act like a region and collaborate to create efficiencies. Reducing redundancies in departments like Parks & Rec and Planning & Development Services, will free up money that can go back into our community. By bringing in neighboring areas through annexation, we can retain that state shared revenue in Tucson instead of letting it go to Phoenix. Keeping our money here will enable us to pay for the things that create a better quality of life.


We need to support ecosystems of our developing business sectors. Strong ecosystems foster healthy competition, innovation, and job growth. A diverse and vibrant economy will help us be more resilient during economic downturns, and will create job opportunities at all levels. When this is paired with an elevated quality of life, we will also attract the businesses we want to move here.

I’ve been a businesswoman for 30 years. I’ve worked alongside multi-billion dollar companies making sure we met their needs and I’ve run my own small business. I’m the candidate that understands economic development because I understand business.


Climate change has and will have a profound effect on our city. In my developments we incorporate sustainable practices in all we do and I will fight for the City of Tucson to do the same. Urban infill, density in the core where it should be, and re-using old buildings are some of the greenest building practices around and I will make those easier to do. We will expand incentives for green home and business improvements, all of which will create jobs and improve life in Tucson.  As Mayor I will work to halt any future purchases of fossil fueled vehicles and migrate our bus and city fleets to electric.

We must move Tucson forward and stop investing in yesterday’s technology.


We must elevate our quality of life by investing in public safety, parks, roads and transportation, educational support programs and leveraging the arts. These investments help attract and retain businesses to our region.

Investing in our community elevates us from poverty, makes us safer and healthier, and makes Tucson a better place to live, work and play.

We need to take the energy that we put into downtown and bring that to the entire city. Each neighborhood should have the opportunity to develop its unique potential.


Using a compassion-first policy, under my leadership as Chairwoman of the Downtown Tucson Partnership, the DTP Connects program was able to connect those suffering from homelessness in the downtown area with housing and the amazing organizations that help combat poverty in our City. This led to a decrease in chronic homelessness in downtown by 95% in just a few months.

I pledge to continue fighting to improve the resources available to those suffering from poverty and homelessness and connect them to the many resources available in our community.


It’s time for us to not just fix the roads, but to make sure they lead somewhere.

From building shovel-ready plans for public transit, like the Modern Streetcar expansion, to planning for high-speed rail connecting our trade partners in Mexico with our Sun Corridor, we must start planning long-term projects that will have a positive impact on our region for generations to come.